Juvenile Cognitive Life Skills Program

In order for some young offenders to make behavior changes that will enable them to turn their lives around, they require an extended, more comprehensive program to help overcome negative habits and behavior. Cognitive Life Skills is that program.

Young offenders often have trouble determining how to deal with problems in a responsible manner. They lack the life skills necessary to make responsible decisions. There is a disconnect between their core values and their behavior.

Participants in the Cognitive Life Skills program will learn essential skills and alternative coping mechanisms that they can easily incorporate into their lives. This program helps juvenile offenders achieve positive behavior change and gets them moving in the right direction for leading pro-social, productive lives.

During the Juvenile Cognitive Life Skills program, participants will:

  • Realistically look at their position in life.
  • Discover how their attitude affects their behavior.
  • Understand the process that is necessary to change negative behavior.
  • Gain better self-control.
  • Establish goal-directed behavior patterns.
  • Make a personal commitment to be a law-abiding citizen
  • Gain Critical Cognitive Thinking Skills.

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