”The Bermuda Department of Corrections has been using the NCTI Crossroads cognitive curricula for the past 5 years, with more than 100 inmates participating. We have found the content to be stimulating to participants, often sparking lively discussion. The program has a very low drop-out rate. And we know the program is having some positive impact. Bermuda is a small island and thus it is not uncommon to run into, on the streets, former program participants who have successfully reintegrated into society. The Real Colors component of the program has helped inmates to learn more about themselves, with some requesting additional materials to continue the learning process.”

Cordell W Riley MSc, JP
Managing Director
Profiles of Bermuda

”Mountain Counseling & Training, Inc. is excited to partner with NCTI and San Bernardino County Probation Department to provide an evidence-based series of courses both to Probation-referred clients and to the community at large. We now have four certified facilitators who are ready to address a huge variety of training needs with proven curricula. NCTI has been amazing in their support of our “stretching the envelope” approach in utilizing these curricula to address complex behavioral and emotional needs. We are particularly impressed with NCTI’s focus on outcomes and interactive learning experiences focused on discovery and behavioral change.”
Michael Beavers, MS LMFT
Mountain Counseling & Training, Inc.

”The cognitive curricula are extremely easy to use and follow. The facilitator guides provide step by step instruction in facilitating each specific group. NCTI has always been quick to respond to any of our questions or needs and provide assistance in any way they can. Real Colors is usually the best part of each group, for both the client and facilitator. It helps the facilitators to identify the best way in which to teach each client and helps the client understand themselves and others in a way that allows them to better communicate with family, peers, teachers, employers etc.”
Tara Montgomery, Programs Manager
2nd Judicial Circuit, State of Illinois

”My experience with NCTI has been a positive one. Our agency has been using NCTI curriculum for our Youth Services since 2007. We have been able to improve the life skills of so many adolescents due to keeping the fidelity of the curriculum & using the Real Colors instrument. Our Youth Services has tripled in size. We continue to be a successful Youth Enrichment program in the West and East side of the Inland Empire. The NCTI staff is always available to help and give any suggestions to make our program successful. We love NCTI!”
Pamela Nickell CAS
Outpatient Services Coordinator
Inland Valley Recovery Services, California

“This was a totally outstanding training course. The facilitator was extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter; yet did not ”educate” me through didactic methods; rather, she provided a safe learning environment where I could discover more about myself and how to integrate my work efforts to truly meet the needs of my clients as they seek to reintegrate as positive members within our communities. The hands-on, dynamic learning opportunities (individual, dyad, and large group) allowed me to hear it, see it, speak it, and do it all in the same learning environment. I even enjoyed learning how to work more effectively with my colleagues! I am definitely better able to facilitate educational interaction opportunities and engagement needs of our clients. I look forward to work with the Crossroads curriculum! We have needed this complete package for quite some time.”
Debby L. Westcott, DPOII
Master Trainer
Los Angeles County Probation Department