To allow participants the opportunity to have fun learning about each other as individuals and as a group, in a somewhat chaotic environment.


Large sheets of paper and colorful markers/crayons


Divide the group into teams of three or four. Each small group needs to have the same number of participants.
Provide each team with a topic. (Be sure to have enough topics for the number of teams you create.)

Teams will be given 5 minutes to strategize how they will gather information about their topic from ALL the other participants in the room.

Teams get 3 minutes to gather information about their topic from each other (all teams are seeking their information from each other – all at the same time – creating a chaotic environment.)

Teams get 5 minutes to summarize the data they collected on a large sheet of paper.

Each team will have 1 minute to present their findings to the other teams.

Remember the timeframes are short – be sure to watch the time closely and do not allow any additional time for any aspect of this activity.

Examples of Topics might include:

Types and names of pets
Favorite ice cream flavor
Number and names of children
Best vacation you’ve ever had
Hobbies – favorite thing to do when not at work