The Jungle

Begin by dividing the group into two teams with equal numbers. If you have an odd number of participants, the facilitator may join one of the teams.

Have the two teams stand in straight lines facing each other. Explain that this energizer is similar to “Rock, Paper, Scissors” but for this energizer we will be using animals from the jungle. The jungle animals are: elephants, lions, and hyenas.

Lions defeat elephants
Elephants defeat hyenas
Hyenas defeat lions

Each team will turn their back to the other team. As a group, they select which animal their team will be without the other team knowing. When the facilitator says “Go!” the teams turn around, face each other and sound and act like the animal they selected (for example, using an arm as an elephant’s trunk, roaring ferociously as a lion, and laughing as a hyena).

Sometimes teams will select the same animal so there is no winning team – they draw to a tie.

Do this energizer as a competitive game (best out of 5 rounds) or just use it for fun.