Curriculum Updates & FAQs

We have been hard at work updating our Crossroads curriculum to better serve you and your program participants. The updates align with changing needs in the criminal justice community and better meet evidence-based best practices.

New Features Include:

  • Homework incorporated into the curriculum
  • Low Risk, Medium Risk, and High Risk leveled titles to better match common criminal justice language
  • Introduction of Structured Skill Builds – allowing participants to practice new language and skills in a safe and supportive environment
  • Connections between Pre/Post tests and the curriculum by incorporating the specific criminogenic Risk and Need factors associated with each component 
  • Real Colors has been fully integrated into each curriculum
  • Table of Contents (you’ve been asking for this for years!)


Can I see an example of the new curriculum?

Yes, click the program pages for the title you are interested in here for a description and sample page(s). 

Does the new curriculum require additional certifications or training?

No, but we will provide webinars and training videos to get facilitators up to date on all the new material.

Do we need new Facilitator Guides?

You will need to purchase new facilitator guides to coincide with the new workbooks. The current facilitator guides will not be an effective resource for facilitators using the new curriculum. 

What titles were not updated?

Adult Titles: We did not make updates to the following titles, but they will remain available for purchase: Traffic, DUI, Cognitive Life Skills for Women, Domestic Violence, and JOBTEC.

Youth Titles: Delinquent Behavior has replaced Misdemeanor Offenses and High Risk Offenders. We opted not to update Curfew, Traffic Safety, and Graffiti. These titles are obsolete and unavailable for purchase.

Why was Real Colors incorporated into the curriculum?

Real Colors quickly provides a common ground for communication between participants and facilitators. In a very short time, participants begin to understand their own temperament style and how their style affects communication with other people in their lives. Additionally, it allows the facilitator the opportunity to address the participants as individuals, which is the “specific responsivity” component of Evidence-based Research.

Real Colors is an integral part of NCTI’s wide assortment of criminal justice curricula and training programs. Real Colors provides an understanding that, when applied, improves interpersonal relationships in all aspects of life.

Can I buy a workbook without Real Colors?

Real Colors is an integral element of every Crossroads curriculum. It is not possible to purchase the new youth curriculum without the Real Colors assessment as a combo pack. 

Can I access the workbook digitally?

If you are interested in digital versions (PDF versions) of workbooks to print for your clients or to email to your clients, please reach out to us to discuss how to purchase a Crossroads License.

I previously used Cog Talk. Is that still needed?

Included with the curricula update, we took some of the best elements of Cog Talk and incorporated them directly. Each facilitator guide now contains a table of contents, 120-minute sessions, and homework assignments for each component.

That said, we understand the Cog Talk is helpful for referring professionals and have updated it to reflect the new curriculum. Certified Facilitators can access Cog Talk here.

Is your previous curriculum still valid?

Absolutely! Our existing curriculum meets existing standards.

Can I trade in my existing curriculum?

Generally, no. Your existing curriculum is still viable, and we would encourage you to use your existing books before purchasing the new youth curricula. Please do not mix current and new curriculum for use in the same class – that would be very confusing for all.

How do I use the Pre/Post test system?

Click here to Learn More, or Contact Us to set up a time to get your organization set up on our easy to use, FREE system!

I'm interested in licensing! How can I learn more?

Please reach out to us to discuss options for curriculum licensing.

I have more questions! Who do I contact?

We’d be happy to connect with you about the new Youth Crossroads Curriculum. Reach out!