The Adult Minor in Possession curriculum is designed for individuals between 18 and 21 years of age, who have committed alcohol offenses. The curriculum focuses on dispelling the cultural myths surrounding drinking, understanding why one drinks, and overcoming peer pressure. Time is spent exploring other activities that can replace the “high” that results from drinking. Through this upbeat and exciting curriculum, participants examine their negative behavior, and learn to make informed decisions.

The Adult Minor in Possession workbook is available in English.

Approximate Length
8 hours

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why one drinks.
  • Understand the effects of alcohol on life.
  • Understand how to take positive control of life.
  • Develop a plan to alter present drinking behavior.
  • Establish positive, goal-directed behavior patterns.
  • Develop personal life skills and alternative resources.
  • Utilize the Personal Awareness Journal™.

This curriculum includes Cog Talk™, a free reference guide that divides each curriculum into two-hour sessions, provides specific homework assignments and additional open-ended questions to continue curriculum-specific conversation outside of the group setting.

View a sample component from the Adult Minor in Possession workbook.