The Youth Curfew curriculum is comprised of activity enhanced components helping young people learn how to avoid negative influences, take responsibility for themselves and balance the need for freedom with a respect for authority and the law. This skills-based program is very effective for first-time offenders as well as repeat offenders who need to develop the necessary skills to enable them to make positive changes in their lives.

The Youth Curfew workbook is available in English.

Approximate Length
8 hours

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the process of changing negative behavior.
  • Discover how attitudes can override values.
  • Understand how to avoid negative influences.
  • Develop a plan to alter present behavior.
  • Establish goal-directed behavior patterns.
  • Make a firm commitment never to repeat as an offender.
  • Utilize the Personal Awareness Journal™.

This curriculum is included in Cog Talk™, a free reference guide that divides each curriculum into two-hour sessions, provides specific homework assignments and additional open-ended questions to continue curriculum-specific conversation outside of the group setting.

View a sample component from the Youth Curfew workbook.