The Youth High Risk Offender curriculum is designed for the medium to high-risk offender. It covers a broad range of issues that are designed to help participants overcome negative behavioral patterns and enable them to become more pro-social and productive individuals. This curriculum demonstrates ways to make and keep supportive positive friends, ones that will encourage the offender to make pro-social choices. Last but not least, the curriculum covers a variety of research validated employment focused components. The curriculum also introduces the offender to the idea of accepting responsibility for the harm caused to the victim.

The Youth High Risk Offender workbook is available in English.

Approximate Length
50 hours

Learning Objectives

  • Develop critical cognitive thinking skills.
  • Develop a plan and make a commitment to refrain from abusing drugs/alcohol.
  • Examine how decisions made today affect the future.
  • Explore and practice ways to control one’s attitude and emotions to in control of life.
  • Develop a plan and make a commitment to refrain from criminal attitudes and behaviors.
  • Establish positive, goal directed behavior patterns.
  • Identify and practice the skills necessary in filling out a job application and interviewing.
  • Utilize the Personal Awareness Journal™.

This curriculum is included in Cog Talk™, a free reference guide that divides each curriculum into two-hour sessions, provides specific homework assignments and additional open-ended questions to continue curriculum-specific conversation outside of the group setting.

View a sample component from the Youth High Risk Offender workbook.