New, Enhanced Edition of the Real Colors Personality Instrument

What has changed in the new, enhanced edition? Click here to learn what is new.

Has anything changed with how I facilitate the Real Colors workshop? No. The facilitation and process for delivering a Real Colors workshop has not changed.

Has the Real Colors Facilitator Certification Handbook changed?  No.

How much does the new, enhanced edition cost?  All enhancements and additions are brought to you free of charge. The price has not changed.

When can I get the new, enhanced Real Colors instrument?  The new edition is available for purchase right now!

Can I use the new edition and the previous edition of the Real Colors instrument together in a workshop? We do not recommend combining the previous edition and new edition of the Real Colors instrument in a workshop. While the two instruments have been tested and are proven to provide the same results (i.e. color scores), having two version of the instrument will make processing the color cards difficult, as the participants will be looking at different images. In addition, participants with the new, enhanced edition will have additional pages of resource application information.  

Is the previous edition of the Real Colors instrument still available for purchase?  Many facilitators may need to purchase the previous edition in order to finish using product they have previously purchased. To help you use all of your previously purchased product, we have removed the minimum quantity requirement for all previous editions. You will now be able to purchase those in any quantity. The previous edition will be available for purchase until existing inventory is gone. If you see the previous edition on the website, it is still available for purchase. 

I still have instruments that I previously ordered. Can I exchange them for the new version?  If you purchased products in the last 30 days, our return policy allows you to ship the product back to us at your expense. We will ship you the new, enhanced edition, and you will pay only the shipping costs. Special note: With the addition of content to the new edition, shipping costs will be slightly increased. Be sure to pack the shipment carefully and insure the shipment, as damages can occur during shipping. We cannot accept returns that are damaged. If you purchased more than 30 days ago and you still want to exchange the product, an additional 25% restocking fee will apply.


How can my organization use the Crossroads curricula? The Crossroads curricula can only be purchased and delivered by Crossroads Certified Facilitators. An organization can choose to certify one or more people to deliver the Crossroads curricula. See Cognitive Facilitator Certification for more information.

What offense-specific topics do you offer? We offer an array of adult and juvenile topics. Take a look at our Adult Crossroads Curricula or Juvenile Crossroads Curricula for a complete list of what we offer.

How do I become a Crossroads Certified Facilitator? We offer 5-day Crossroads Certification Trainings throughout the county. See Become a Crossroads Certified Facilitator for more information on the process, and Crossroads Certification Trainings to see a list of our upcoming trainings.

What can I do once I become a Crossroads Certified Facilitator? Our Crossroads Certified Facilitators can purchase any Adult or Juvenile Crossroads Curricula, as well as any Real Colors materials.  


How can I purchase products? If you are a Certified Facilitator, you will have the ability to purchase materials once you log into your account. If you have forgotten your password, click "forgot password" on the account login page. Once you have logged in, proceed to the products section of the website, and choose the category of product you are looking for.  If you are a certified facilitator and need assistance placing an order please Contact Us.

How long will my order take to get to me? We make every effort to ship each order within 3 business days.  Orders placed early in the day with expedited shipping (next day, two-day, three-day, etc.) will be shipped the same day. You will be contacted if there is any problem in getting your shipment out in the same day.  If you have special requirements for your shipment, please give us a call after placing your order so that we can make any adjustments if needed.