Improve communication between facilitators, referring professionals, and clients with Real Colors!

Included with Crossroads® Certification Training and offered as a stand-alone option, Real Colors is an effective tool for understanding human behavior, uncovering motivators and improving communication amongst differing personalities.

Real Colors is a personality typing system that enhances communication and the understanding of others. It is important to understand why we do the things we do and why others do what they do.

NCTI’s Real Colors Temperament Instrument is grounded in the theory of Carl Jung and validated in the research of Myers-Briggs and Keirsey-Bates. It combines experience and research into an exciting approach that is extremely accurate, understandable and easy to apply in everyday life.

Real Colors is approved by APPA for four (4) professional contact hours.

Using Real Colors with Crossroads Curricula

Together, NCTI’s Crossroads cognitive curricula and Real Colors Personality Instrument provide facilitators the ability to maximize their efforts at affecting positive, pro-social behavior change in participants.

With an understanding of temperament, facilitators are better equipped to account for individual traits when working with participants. These traits include consideration of culture, gender, motivational stages, developmental stages, learning styles and communication styles. These factors are what indicate a participant’s responsiveness to particular types of intervention services. Responding appropriately to responsivity involves choosing the right type of service by matching the style and methods of communication with the participant’s readiness to make a change.

Used in conjunction with Crossroads curricula, Real Colors quickly provides a common ground for communication between participants and facilitators. In a very short time, participants begin to understand their own personality styles. Then they begin developing the skills of application that improve communication with others.

Real Colors is an integral part of NCTI’s Complete Behavior Change System.