Can Your Cognitive Program Measure a Change in Thinking?

Why is a change in thinking important, because we all know if a person thinks differently, they will behave differently. Our new and improved Pre/Post test system allows agencies to schedule classes, add participant, update, and report on their Crossroads® classes both efficiently and effectively to ensure program fidelity. At NCTI we understand that program fidelity is vital to your organization, and we have developed a set of tools to help agencies manage and track our Crossroads programs.

Through the online Pre and Post Testing system, agencies can determine the increase in knowledge that occurred for each participant upon completing  a Crossroads course. As the pre and post tests are written to the skills and needs required for change associated with each particular curriculum.  Agencies can use this information to determine which skills the participant mastered and the skills that require additional work; this is great for developing a case plan. The Agency Aggregate Report will show patterns of outcomes for each facilitator.

Sample Class Report

Change in Thinking Leads to Change in Behavior

By ensuring that the cognitive curriculum is delivered properly, and participants are increasing their knowledge in important pro-social skills, an agency will be more successful in empowering behavior change. Conversely, if low scores are seen in certain skill areas, agencies are then able to work with their facilitators to improve in those areas.

The Crossroads Pre and Post Test Online System

In the Crossroads Pre and Post Testing online system, agencies can see all of their Crossroads class activity on one dashboard, schedule classes, update classes with participant information, print pre and post tests for each class, enter pre and post test results, and immediately view reports for classes, individual participants, or the agency as a whole.

In addition, an agency can choose to have one main administrator who performs all of these functions, or they can allow facilitators to log into the system to schedule classes, print out tests, and enter participant roster information.

Use of NCTI’s Pre and Post Testing System Offers Four Distinct Advantages:

  1. An agency is able to measure the increase in knowledge of participants completing Crossroads classes and use this information to pinpoint where the participant still needs work.
  2. An agency is able to monitor patterns and outcomes of their facilitators.
  3. Pre-Post tests and reports are a useful quality control tool to help ensure program fidelity.
  4. With a complete user-friendly web-based system, agencies can manage and track their Crossroads classes from start to completion.

This web-based program is available to your agency free of charge. For more information and to get started with Pre and Post Testing contact us!