National Institute of Justice’s CrimeSolutions rates NCTI’s Cognitive Life Skills Promising

CrimeSolutions reviews and evaluates programs and practices based on meta-analyses to determine if a program is based on evidence and is determined to change behavior. Their evaluations reveal strong evidence of how certain they are of the outcomes of a program.

CrimeSolutions recently reviewed NCTI’s Cognitive Life Skills, a cognitive–behavioral intervention that seeks to reduce recidivism in offenders leaving secure confinement by addressing antisocial attitudes and decision making. The program is designed for adult medium- and high-risk offenders. The program is rated Promising by NIJ and CrimeSolutions. Treatment group offenders were statistically significantly less likely to recidivate, compared with control group offenders, during parole supervision.

Read the full review here.

Cognitive Life Skills, along with all of NCTI’s Crossroads® curricula, was built with the National Institute of Correction’s eight key principles of effective interventions in mind.

This positive evidence-based review combined with NCTI’s partnership with APPA, makes our complete line of curriculum a top choice for creating effective behavior change!