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NCTI offers an extensive library of evidence-based, juvenile curricula that has been highly successful with offenders in the criminal justice system. By offering a variety of offense-specific titles, our curricula are able to target specific interventions that reduce the criminogenic needs of offenders.

Many of the curricula are available in multiple levels. Each level offers a different dosage; or length of time that participants are exposed to the curricula.

Each curriculum has an accompanying Facilitator Guide, which contains step-by-step instructions and possible responses to the questions and activities in the corresponding participant workbook.

Why are NCTI’s Crossroads curricula so successful?

Crossroads curricula are delivered in a group format, and follow a precise sequence that leads participants from a general level of discussion to a specific behavioral commitment. This general-to-specific movement accomplishes five important goals:

  1. Enables individuals to see the process as relevant to themselves
  2. Adapts the process to the participant’s own learning style by including interactive exercises that require full participation
  3. Expands personal comfort zones and expectations
  4. Internalizes information and helps participants practice pro-social skills
  5. Enhances the opportunity for personal discovery

A Crossroads certified facilitator coordinates the interaction, guiding and encouraging the participants to be supportive, to contribute their ideas and feelings, and to commit to the new skills being learned. This learning process is fluid in nature; molding to the specific needs of each group, while also addressing the needs of each participant.