The Adult DUI curriculum allows participants to explore their decision making process prior to drinking that places them behind the wheel once intoxicated. By focusing on their decision-making process, rather than gory films about accidents or effects of alcohol on the body, participants learn to make decisions and choices ahead of time that will allow them to control this dangerous, self-destructive behavior in the future.

The Adult DUI workbook is available in English and Spanish.

Approximate Length
16 hours

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how prior and present attitudes affect driving ability.
  • Understand how attitudes and emotions control driving decisions.
  • Evaluate decisions as they relate to drinking and driving.
  • Develop a renewed awareness of driving responsibilities.
  • Decide never to drink and drive again.
  • Utilize the Personal Awareness Journal™.

This curriculum includes Cog Talk™, a free reference guide that divides each curriculum into two-hour sessions, provides specific homework assignments and additional open-ended questions to continue curriculum-specific conversation outside of the group setting.

View a sample component from the Adult DUI workbook.