The Adult Felony Offenses curriculum addresses the needs of medium to high risk offenders who have entered the court system for a wide variety of felony offenses. This curriculum uses activity enhanced components to provide an in-depth process for gaining and practicing new behavioral skills that can help participants achieve constructive life changes. Individuals are encouraged to practice skills outside of the group setting and to report on the progress and problems they experienced during practice. The length of the curriculum allows for greater development of the participant/facilitator relationship, providing an additional support base for the participant.

The Adult Felony Offenses workbook is available in English and Spanish.

Approximate Length
Medium-Risk Felony Offenses includes 30 hours of content.
High-Risk Felony Offenses includes 38 hours of content.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the process of changing negative behavior.
  • Discover how attitudes affect behavior.
  • Understand how to take positive control of life.
  • Develop a plan to alter present negative behavior.
  • Establish positive, goal directed behavior patterns.
  • Develop personal life skills.
  • Make a firm commitment never to repeat as a criminal offender.
  • Utilize the Personal Awareness Journal®.

View a sample component from the Adult Felony Offenses workbook.