NCTI® has recently launched updated adult curriculum to adapt to changing needs and better application of evidence-based principles. This title was not included in the update but will remain available for purchase.

Designed for medium to high risk offenders, the Adult Domestic Violence curriculum uses a unique, interactive model to allow participants to explore why they use violence to try to solve problems. They practice the skills necessary to cope with interpersonal problems in a nonviolent manner. Participants will learn that problems that they think are solved with violence are never permanently solved, and individuals will make a commitment never to use violence in their relationships.

The Adult Domestic Violence workbook is available in English.

Approximate Length
26 hours

Learning Objectives

  • Accept responsibility for actions.
  • Learn why violence is used to try to solve problems.
  • Understand how attitude affects behavior.
  • Gain better self-control.
  • Understand the process necessary to change behavior.
  • Make a commitment never to use violence in relationships with others.
  • Utilize the Personal Awareness Journal®.

View a sample component from the Adult Domestic Violence workbook.