The Adult Shoplifting curriculum assists participants in focusing on the processes they went through when they shoplifted. Through activity enhanced components, they learn to behave differently when faced with a similar situation in the future. Participants will learn how certain attitudes can override a person’s sense of right and wrong and cause behavior that is contrary to his or her personal beliefs. The curriculum establishes an atmosphere where participants can learn from and accept their mistakes and strengthen their ability to act in accordance with what they believe.

The Adult Shoplifting workbook is available in English and Spanish.

Approximate Length
Low-Risk Shoplifting includes 8 hours of content.
Medium-Risk Shoplifting includes 24 hours of content.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the process of changing negative behavior.
  • Discover how attitudes can override values.
  • Understand how to avoid negative influences.
  • Develop a plan to alter present behavior.
  • Establish positive, goal-directed behavior patterns.
  • Make a firm commitment never to shoplift again.
  • Utilize the Personal Awareness Journal®.

View a sample component from the Adult Shoplifting workbook.