Facilitator Certification Training from NCTI® provides all the skills necessary to successfully facilitate NCTI’s cognitive behavior change curricula.

Becoming an NCTI Certified Facilitator is an exciting and dynamic process that can take place on or off site, depending on the number of people you want to train. Larger organizations often prefer to hold certification trainings on site for maximum value. For smaller organizations, or for those who desire to only train key people, NCTI conducts frequent open enrollment facilitator certification trainings virtually and across the country.

Enhance your training department programs and help achieve new levels of success for all in your organization!

What is covered during Facilitator Certification Training?

NCTI’s trainers model the group process delivery format to strengthen the impact of the material. This allows participants to learn from their peers, just as they would with clients. Whether the training is held in person or virtually, it includes:

  • Training in facilitation.
  • Curriculum philosophy.
  • Practice of the delivery of Crossroads® and Real Colors® components.

During Facilitator Certification Training participants will learn to:

  • Deliver NCTI’s entire catalog of offense-specific and risk-specific programs to target areas of need.
  • Instruct individuals in clarifying the relationship between Values, Attitude, and Behavior.
  • Identify their own learning styles and the learning style of the clients they are working with by using Real Colors.
  • Use personal awareness journaling as a tool reinforce cognitive learning.
  • Construct open-ended questions to elicit an intrinsic commitment to change.
  • Use group process techniques to involve even the most disinterested clients.
  • Use techniques that help increase participant self-esteem.
  • Present material to reach participants with different learning styles.

Certification Includes:

  • 40 Professional Contact Hours, accredited by APPA.
  • Certification as BOTH a Crossroads Facilitator and a Real Colors Facilitator.
  • The Real Colors Homeowner’s Guide.
  • A Real Colors Certification Handbook.
  • All necessary training material.
  • Access to ongoing support, a free Resource Library, pre & post testing, and the entire library of Crossroads and Real Colors curricula.

NCTI offers two types of Facilitator Certification:

Allows a facilitator to purchase materials and deliver both NCTI’s Crossroads curricula and Real Colors Workshops.

Allows a facilitator to purchase materials and deliver any of NCTI’s Real Colors Workshops.

Justify My Attendance: Are you struggling to find the right words to convince your supervisor/team that attending this training is something they should support? If so, we’ve got you covered! For Crossroads Certification Training, copy/paste this document into an email and edit as desired. For Real Colors Certification Training, use this document