Extend learning beyond the classroom and bring referring professionals into the learning loop with facilitators and participants!

Cog Talk® is a user-friendly guide that helps anchor the learning experience. It is designed to create a link between the facilitator, the referring professional, and the participant, increasing meaningful dialogue and reinforcing new cognitive concepts and behaviors for the participant. 

Cog Talk is a reference guide that is designed to accompany each of our adult and youth Crossroads® curricula.

Through guided questions based on motivational interviewing techniques, referring professionals can hold meaningful conversations with their participants on concepts they encounter in group sessions. This allows the participant to continue processing new information and to discuss the skills they have been practicing in their homework assignments.

NCTI’s structured homework encourages pro-social practice to reinforce new concepts.

Practicing new behaviors with NCTI’s structured homework helps participants understand the connection between their thoughts and their actions, an essential part of behavior change.

For more information on this free resource please contact us. Certified Facilitators can access Cog Talk in our Resource Library.