Program implementation can sometimes be a daunting process. In order to insure success, an agency may want to consider receiving assistance with implementation. NCTI offers a number of technical assistance possibilities.

NCTI’s technical assistance is designed to assist agencies in successful implementation of the Crossroads® cognitive curricula, and to provide the tools necessary to help agencies maintain evidence-based programs. Any technical assistance will be designed specific to the needs of your organization.

Implementation assistance is designed to assist agencies in a cohesive implementation of NCTI’s Crossroads cognitive curricula. NCTI has identified procedures present in programs across the country that have proven to be successful in maintaining Evidence-Based Programs. NCTI will assist agencies in determining which of those procedures are necessary to implement an evidence-based program in their agency.

In addition, fidelity assurance is crucial in maintaining an evidence-based program. Technical Assistance also focuses on monitoring the delivery of the NCTI curricula to ensure the efficacy of the principles of NCTI model, which include:

  • NCTI model cognitive-based curricula delivery method
  • Offender and facilitator assessment (pre- and post-test and facilitator assessment)
  • Data development

NCTI will work with each agency to determine their specific needs. For more information, please contact us.