Strengthen program fidelity with pre and post tests, facilitator monitoring tools, a Resource Library and technical assistance.


Pre and Post Testing

Track increases in learning, establish facilitator consistency and pin-point areas for improvement with free pre and post testing, including a web-based online tracking program. Pre and post tests are available free of charge to agencies who are utilizing NCTI’s Adult and Youth Crossroads® curricula. Learn more!

Facilitator Monitoring

Monitor curricula delivery consistency with thorough facilitator evaluation forms. The Crossroads Monitor Evaluation Form is a tool designed to assist agencies in establishing and maintaining program fidelity. This form provides a consistent guideline to assist a program monitor in their observation of a facilitator as they deliver the Crossroads curriculum in their group environment. These forms are located in the Resource Library, available free to Crossroads certified facilitators.

Resource Library

Crossroads certified facilitators have access to a plethora of helpful articles, ideas, and tools in our FREE Resource Library. Ice breakers, Real Colors® resources, implementation guides and more are provided to support your learning and engagement beyond the certification training. Already certified? View the Resource Library here!

Program Implementation & Technical Assistance

Program implementation and technical assistance are offered to assist agencies in implementation of NCTI’s Crossroads cognitive curricula. Learn more!