The Adult Drugs & Alcohol curriculum uses a number of innovative role plays, games and scenarios to help participants understand the dangers of ingesting harmful substances. By exploring patterns of use and contributing attitudes, individuals learn the effects of their abusive behavior on their family as well as their future.

The Adult Drugs & Alcohol workbooks are available in English and Spanish.

Approximate Length
Low-Risk Drugs & Alcohol includes 8 hours of content.
Medium-Risk Drugs & Alcohol includes 30 hours of content.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the process of changing negative behavior.
  • Understand the personal price paid for drug use.
  • Gain better self-control.
  • Learn the process necessary to change behavior.
  • Make a commitment to refrain from using drugs and abusing alcohol.
  • Utilize the Personal Awareness Journal®.

View a sample component from the Adult Drugs & Alcohol workbook.