The Youth Drugs & Alcohol curriculum assists participants in understanding the dangers of continued drug use/abuse. Through activity enhanced components, participants learn alternatives to drug use that will help them cope with stress and make positive choices in their daily lives.

The Youth Drugs & Alcohol workbooks are available in English and Spanish.

Approximate Length
Level 1 – 8 hours
Level 2 – 10 hours

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and master the factors that influence behavior.
  • Use the skills and identify the resources that help develop a healthy, positive life-style.
  • Learn the skills that help one live peacefully with family and others.
  • Consider the future and set goals to accomplish in life.
  • Choose new, positive activities to replace old, negative activities.
  • Utilize the Personal Awareness Journal™.

This curriculum is included in Cog Talk™, a free reference guide that divides each curriculum into two-hour sessions, provides specific homework assignments and additional open-ended questions to continue curriculum-specific conversation outside of the group setting.

View a sample component from the Youth Drugs & Alcohol workbook.