Designed for medium to high-risk offenders, the Youth Cognitive Life Skills curriculum offers an extended and comprehensive educational process to help participants overcome negative behavioral patterns, and enable them to be more productive in their environment. Through activity enhanced components targeting criminogenic needs, participants learn how to establish positive, goal-directed behavior patterns, and understand the process necessary to change negative behavior. 

The Youth Cognitive Life Skills workbook is available in English and Spanish.

Medium-Risk Cognitive Life Skills includes 30 hours of content.
High-Risk Cognitive Life Skills includes 42 hours of content.

Learning Objectives

  • Critical Cognitive Thinking Skills.
  • Realistically examine one’s position in life.
  • Discover how attitude affects behavior.
  • Gain better self-control.
  • Understand the process necessary to change behavior.
  • Establish goal-directed behavior patterns.
  • Practice and gain new life skills.
  • Make a commitment to be a law-abiding citizen.
  • Utilize the Personal Awareness Journal®

View a sample component from the Youth Cognitive Life Skills Level 2 workbook.