A Word on Energizers

Things to consider when using energizers

Try to use energizers frequently during a workshop, basically whenever participants look sleepy, tired or disengaged. Also, consider using energizers to create a natural break between activities or when moving from one component to another.

Try to choose energizers that are appropriate for the local context of your area and participants. For example, thinking carefully about the use of energizers that involve touch, sharing of deeply personal information, etc.

Try to select energizers in which everyone can participate. Be aware of and sensitive to the needs and circumstances of the group. For example, some energizers may exclude people with disabilities, such as difficulty walking or hearing, or people with different levels of comfort with literacy.

Try to ensure the safety of the group, particularly with energizers that involve running, being blindfolded etc. For example, try to make sure that there is enough space necessary for the energizer and that the floor is clear.

Try not to use only competitive energizers but also include ones that encourage team building.

Try to avoid energizers from going on for too long. Keep them short and move on to the next planned activity when everyone has had a chance to move around, get energized and wake up!

Energizers can take a variety forms ‐ from simple to complex, from formal to informal. Be prepared with several energizers and be ready to use them when you deem them necessary. We have provided several energizer activities on our Crossroads Facilitator Resource Library for your use. Enjoy!