Brain Power Energizers

  1. A man is afraid to go home because there is another man waiting for him there with a mask on. Why is he afraid to go home?

    The masked man is a baseball catcher waiting to put him out at home plate.
  2. Denise finds Charlotte on the living room floor surrounded by broken glass and water. How did Charlotte get there?

    Charlotte is a goldfish. A cat knocked the fishbowl onto the floor.
  3. A man sees two girls who are identical in appearance walking together. The man asks them,” Are you twins? “No, we are not,” they answer. The man asks, “How can that be?” How can you explain that the girls are identical but they are not twins?

    The girls are triplets.
  4. A dead woman is found in a desert. She is lying face down. She is wearing a pack on her back. How did she die?

    Her parachute failed to open when she jumped out of the plane.
  5. A man is found dead on the ground outside a hotel in a seedy part of town. Fifty-three bicycles are lying around his body. Why did he die?

    He was killed in a card game when he was caught with an extra card. The bicycles are on the face of the 53 playing cards – there should only be only 52!