Fruit Salad

Begin by dividing the group into an equal number of three or four groups by counting off. Each group will be assigned a different fruit (I.E. oranges, bananas, apples, peaches). Ask all of the participants to be seated in a large circle.

The facilitator will call out one of the fruits assigned to one of the smaller groups. Each group member must change seats and cannot return to their original seat.

Remove one of the chairs from the circle when the first group begins to move.

One participant will not have a seat to sit in (it was removed from the circle). This participant remains standing in the middle of the circle. Call out another fruit. The participants assigned this fruit must change seats. The participant standing in the middle must try to take an open seat. If this participant is successful and is able to get a seat he/she joins the group representing the fruit most recently called out.

Once again, a participant will not have a seat. He/she must remain standing in the middle of the circle until another fruit is called out.

Repeat this energizer for several rounds.