It’s NOT What It Seems To Be

For this energizer you will need some props: a paper cup, a piece of rope, a
book, a scarf, etc.

Standing or sitting in a circle, inform the participants that the object of this energizer is to change the prop (show the group the object) into something that it is not. Participants must use the prop as if it is that object by demonstrating it. No words can be used during the demonstration or to describe the prop.

Begin by holding the prop and demonstrating. For example hold the prop to your ear and mouth as if it were a phone, pretend it is a shoe and you’re slipping it onto your foot, or pretend it is a fork and use it to eat.

Participants are to call out what they think you have turned the object in to. When the group has guessed correctly, pass the prop to the participant on your right.

This participant then demonstrates another use for the prop. Continue around the circle until every participant has had a turn.

Inform the group that there can be no repeats.