This Sucks

For this energizer you will need: one drinking straw for every participant and a regular 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper divided in half.

Begin by dividing the group into two teams with equal numbers. If you have an odd number of participants, the facilitator may join one of the teams.

Each team forms a line. The first person in line for each team is given the ½ sheet of paper and a drinking straw. Each participant is given only a drinking straw.

When the energizer begins, the first participant picks up the ½ sheet of paper by sucking through their straw. The paper then must then be passed from team member to team member by only sucking on the straw. The paper will be passed down the line until the paper is in the possession of the last team member. Hands or any other object may not be used to hold the paper in any way. The straw should be the only object touching the piece of paper.

If the paper drops, it must be passed back to the first person and the whole sequence will begin again.

The first team to successfully pass the paper through each team member is declared the winning team.

Perhaps consider awarding a small prize to the winning team.