Throw Your Hat in the Ring

To give participants the opportunity to practice public speaking while focusing on the positive traits they posses. Too often, participants spend their time focused on the negativity that surrounds them. This activity will provide participants the opportunity to break away from the negative and pay attention to the positive in their introduction to the group.


The handout (see next page), various colored markers or crayons, clear tape or


Pass out one paper circle to each participant. Allow 5 minutes for each participant to decorate the circle with words or pictures that best represent who they are as a person – be sure they include their name on their hat. Once their paper circle is decorated, using two/three pieces of tape or glue; turn the circle into a cone shaped hat.

In turn, participants will introduce themselves to the group. Their introductions should answer the following questions:

Who are you?
Why are you here?

What do you hope to accomplish/learn by being a participant of this group?
What did you include on your hat and why?
What are your positive qualities/traits you bring to the group?

After each participant has introduced him/herself to the group have him or her toss their hat in the middle of the circle. After the last hat is tossed in the circle say the following to the group (or in another way that makes the same points):