What is it?

To show that an instruction or description needs to be put into context.

The Procedure handout.

Divide the large group into smaller groups of 3 to 4 participants. Tell the groups that they are going to be given a very clear procedural description. They will have 2 minutes to read the procedure. Give all participants a copy of “The Procedure” handout. Instruct the participants that if they identify the procedure based on the description, they are to raise their hand and not tell anyone else what the procedure is.

After the 2 minutes are up, advise the group that even very clear instructions or descriptions need to be put into context.
Have the participants who raised their hand state what the procedure is. If no one is correct, ask the group if adding the word “clothes” and “washing” assists them in identifying the procedure. If someone is correct, ask the group what words could have been added to clarify the description and to add context to the procedure.