After working with agencies for more than a decade to teach our partners in the Criminal Justice industry the Prison Rape Elimination Act “PREA” mandates/guidelines, effective December 31, 2020, the National Curriculum and Training Institute Inc. (NCTI) will no longer provide products, training, or facilitator resources to support PREA.

In May of 2019, NCTI conducted our final training to certify facilitators to train PREA mandates/guidelines for their own staff and other professionals within the facilitator’s organization. Likewise, we will no longer provide PREA training materials or facilitator resources after December 31, 2020.

It is our goal for your agency to continue to have access to the training tools referencing the most current PREA mandates/guidelines. Going forward, please contact the PREA Resource Center for all of your existing and future PREA facilitator training and participant training material needs.

On behalf of the entire team at the National Curriculum & Training Institute, Inc., we have truly appreciated the opportunity to work with you and your organization. While we will not continue to provide training and materials to support PREA, if your organization is also a partner who uses Crossroads, our Cognitive Behavior Change Programs, we want to assure you we will continue to support and update our Crossroads curriculum and continue to provide Crossroads facilitator certification programs.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jeff Koenig at (602) 452-5236 or