Join us for a discussion about incorporating Homework with Crossroads Curriculum!


Day Start & End Times
Tuesday, June 28 10:00 am - 11:00 am PST

Facilitators must take advantage of every session and create purposeful opportunities for participants to practice the skills they learned in each program session. Homework is one way a facilitator can help with the acquisition of pro-social skills and positive behavior.  After all, we already know the secret to developing pro-social changes – if one chooses to change their behavior, one must be in control of their thoughts and actions.

How can facilitators know if the participants in their Crossroads group are making progress? In one word – homework. Homework is one of the ways Crossroads facilitators can gauge changes in thinking and behaving in real-time. But homework can be daunting for facilitators and participants alike. But it doesn’t need to be. We invite you to join our interactive discussion as we reveal the power homework has on creating pro-social behavior change and how to implement strategies for success.

Participation is free, but is limited and offered to Crossroads Certified Facilitators only. Register soon to secure your place as we take a deeper dive into the tremendous impact of homework.

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