Criminal justice professionals can become Real Colors Certified Facilitators in conjunction with our Cognitive Certification Training.

If, however, you prefer to focus only on Real Colors staff training in your agency, please contact us to find a Real Colors-only certification training near you.

As a Real Colors facilitator, you will have the ability to purchase the Real Colors Personality Instrument, and deliver any of our Real Colors staff training workshops:

  • Real Colors
  • Real Solutions
  • Real Teams
  • Real Applications

The Real Colors Facilitator Certification Training is presented in a fun, interactive format. 

Once certified, you will be able to conduct workshops that teach others how to:

  • Discover their own personal strengths.
  • Recognize the strengths of others.
  • Communicate and interact more effectively with others.
  • Understand, appreciate and value the viewpoints of others.
  • Apply the power of Real Colors in their professional and personal lives.

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