Real Colors Virtual Delivery Webinar

Pre Recorded Live Webinar: 1hr 20min

Learn how to deliver Real Colors in a virtual environment with positive outcomes. Let us walk you through our process and best practices. 

Over the past couple of months I’ve needed to shift my facilitation of the Real Colors assessment to an online setting to meet the needs of my clients.  Having conversations around preferences, differences, needs, and values is arguably more important than ever.  I wanted to create space for folks to build self awareness, understand others, and learn how to flex their style, but I needed to make it work virtually.  After a bit of experimentation, I found that a combination of advance prep (i.e. sending booklets out to participants in advance), setting some virtual norms (i.e. encouraging interruptions, keeping cameras on), and using online tools (Zoom breakouts, Google slides for flip charts) helped the sessions go smoothly and continue to be effective.  While it’s excellent to be able to do this work in person, the reality is that I need to be able to work remotely too.  It’s absolutely possible to run effective Real Colors workshops remotely.  

Laura Parrott, Founder LPLP, LLC