Real Colors Virtual Instrument FAQs

Before You Begin

How long will it take to complete the Virtual Instrument?

You should set aside 20-25 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete the Virtual Instrument.

Can I take the Virtual Instrument on my mobile phone?

No, the virtual instrument is not mobile friendly as it is too difficult to see the full picture and text cards.

Does the Virtual Instrument work on all browsers?

The Real Colors Virtual Instrument is supported on all modern browsers – Chrome, Safari, Firefox, & Edge are the most commonly used.

The Real Colors Virtual Instrument is not supported on Internet Explorer.

Why do I have to create an account to take the Virtual Instrument?

When you take the Real Colors Virtual Instrument, your scores are stored in your account on Also, this is where you will find additional resources to understand more about your Real Colors and the colors of others.

What if I already have an account on

If you already have an account on, your password for this account is the same as your password for the Virtual Instrument. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it at the Virtual Instrument login screen.

Taking the Virtual Instrument

Where do I find my access key?

If an access key isn’t automatically populated when you click the unique link provided to you to take the Virtual Instrument, you should try copying and pasting the link into an incognito window or using a different browser.

If you are still having trouble, please reach out to your facilitator for help..

I am having problems determining which answer is MOST like me.

There are no right or wrong answers on the Real Colors Virtual Instrument.

To the degree possible, consider your true self. Do not limit yourself to your life only at work or only at home. Consider yourself from all aspects. Be honest with yourself. It is important to put aside what you feel others thing you “should be” or “should do.” Read the choices for each question and decide what is real for you and not what others expect you should be or should do..

Why can't I click submit?

If you are unable to click the “Submit” button please review each tab and make sure all information has been completed.

I'm finished! What happens next?

Once you’ve made it to the “Way to Go!” screen, the instrument has been completed! Results are sent to your facilitator who will provide them during or leading up to the Real Colors portion of your program.

Tell Me More!

Where can I learn more about Real Colors?

Your Real Colors Workshop facilitator will cover the history and background of Real Colors and temperament theory. Also, you can always visit and to learn more!.

How can my friends and family discover their Real Colors?

Real Colors is only intended to be delivered via a workshop with a certified Real Colors facilitator. 

We encourage you to reach out to the facilitator who delivered your workshop and/or view our upcoming Real Colors workshops here!

What are the terms and conditions you must agree to before taking the virtual instrument?

You can view the Real Colors Virtual Instrument Terms and Conditions here.

Have further questions? Contact us and we’ll get back with your shortly!