I have been certified in Real Colors® for over 10 years and have led over 1500 people through the Real Colors process. It is the simplest way to galvanize an organization around a communication vocabulary that can positively affect how people relate to each other, themselves and customers.  I have experimented with other tools and always come back to Real Colors for these reasons.”
Anita Grantham
Director, Culture Development 

“I have worked with the Real Colors® program and NCTI for several years now.  I have used Real Colors to facilitate team building exercises with Department of Correctional Services teams as well as Federal Probation Teams.  The teams that have been involved have found that what they have learned through the Real Colors exercises to be quite helpful in working with their co-workers and their supervisors.  Supervisors have found the information useful in working with their staff.  I have also used Real Colors in a national training program for professionals who work with correction’s clients, receiving very positive feedback from the participants.”
Shelly Morelock
Community Treatment Coordinator
Sixth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services, Iowa

“Real Colors® has provided a paradigm shift for our non-profit organization!  We have used it since 2005 and it has become an integral communication tool for the entire organization including our board of directors. Since implementing it, communication has improved 200% which has lead to better team work, understanding, and personal relationships. It’s an ongoing training source and our staff love it!”
Wanda Walker, CAO 
Community Action of Minneapolis

“Real Colors® has been a part of our organization for over 15 years and is valuable in facilitating effective communication and working relationships. All new employees go through the basic training as soon after hire as possible. It’s fun, easy to remember and make associations, and helps us understand the people we work with and enables us to work more effectively.”
Lynn Crystal
University Business Services
Arizona State University

“Real Colors® is always my first choice of assessment for working with teams, corporations, one-on-one coaching clients, friends and even families.  Of all the assessments that I am certified or qualified to facilitate; Real Colors has so much more to offer.  Its simple approach to identifying temperament with rich, interactive and experiential team building activities is unsurpassed for capturing the attention and retention of audiences.  Real Colors is based in strong research and, because it is intentionally uncomplicated, it has sticking power like no other assessment I’ve ever used or seen!”
Cindy Coe
President & CEO, C4C™ Master Coach
InsideOut Discovery, Inc.

“Real Colors® is an insightful, eye opening tool that I have used with varied groups.  It is simple to use and simple for participants to understand, teaching them the most important human relationship skill of all – how to interact with others.”
Keith Niemann
Director of Extension Human Resources – Emeritus
University of Nebraska – Lincoln Extension