NCTI is unique in the techniques and tools we offer with our Crossroads curricula.


NCTI routinely offers webinars with topics ranging from information aimed at helping professionals understand how NCTI’s Behavior Change System works to information and tips on how to implement a new program for certified facilitators and agency administrators.

Pre and Post Testing

Track increases in learning, establish facilitator consistency and pin-point areas for improvement with free pre- and post-testing, including a web-based online tracking program. Pre- and post-tests are used to measure the participant’s increase in learning for each course and allow program managers to ensure facilitator effectiveness, as well as measure program fidelity.

Online Reporting

NCTI has developed a web-based system to assist the data entry and evaluation of pre- and post-test scores. Agencies are now able to enter their own pre- and post-test scores and print Aggregate, Class, and Individual reports. Pre- and post-tests are available free of charge to agencies who are utilizing NCTI’s Adult and Youth Crossroads® curricula.

Evaluating Facilitators

Monitor curricula delivery consistency with thorough facilitator evaluation forms. The Crossroads® Monitor Evaluation Form is a tool designed to assist agencies in establishing and maintaining program fidelity. This form provides a consistent guideline to assist a program monitor in their observation of a facilitator as they deliver the Crossroads curriculum in their group environment. Facilitator evaluation forms are available free of charge to all agencies utilizing Crossroads curricula.

Program Implementation and Technical Assistance

If desired, program implementation and technical assistance are offered to assist agencies in implementation of NCTI’s Crossroads cognitive curricula. For more information on program implementation and technical assistance, please contact us.