With more than 40 years of experience, the National Curriculum & Training Institute is the leader in cognitive behavioral programs.

Our Complete Behavior Change System is comprised of five parts with our facilitators at the center of a program’s success: Facilitator Certification, Crossroads® curriculum, Real Colors®, Cog Talk®, and Tools for Program Fidelity.



Recommended by APPA and designed for use in a group setting, NCTI’s flagship offering is available for both youth and adults!

Extend Learning Beyond the Classroom with Cog Talk®

Cog Talk is a user-friendly guide that helps anchor the learning experience. It is designed to create a link between the facilitator, the referring professional, and the participant.

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Strengthen program fidelity with pre and post tests, facilitator monitoring tools, a Resource Library and technical assistance.

Consistency in program implementation leads to long-term success. NCTI provides the tools, resources, and support you need to ensure the success of Crossroads programs within your organization!

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