NCTI’s Complete Behavior Change System gives you a support structure that makes referring professionals’ work more effective, strengthens program fidelity, and enhances learning by clients.

The Complete Behavior Change System is composed of five segments:

  1. Crossroads evidence-based curricula
  2. Crossroads Facilitator Certification Training
  3. Cog Talk, containing structured homework for each curriculum
  4. Real Colors Personality Instrument
  5. Tools and assistance for program fidelity

By utilizing each of these areas, a program will more closely align with the National Institute of Correction’s eight key principles of effective interventions. NCTI has already designed and prepared the tools that you will need.

  1. NCTI’s Evidence-Based Curricula is recommended by APPA and provides a large selection of curricula targeting criminogenic needs, risk-level, and age as well as life skills. Addressing different learning styles, while being delivered in a highly interactive, group-process format, NCTI’s curricula encourage participation and comprehension. Learn more about NCTI’s Evidence-Based Curricula.
  2. APPA-Accredited Facilitator Training prepares facilitators with direct experience and assists in consistent curricula delivery. NCTI’s easy-to-use, comprehensive facilitator guidebooks show participant workbook pages next to step-by-step instructor guidelines. Facilitators master how to help offenders learn through participation and a positive reinforcement process. Learn more about Facilitator Certification Training.
  3. Extend Learning Beyond the Classroom with Cog Talk™ and Structured Homework. NCTI’s system of recommended session schedules, coordinated homework, and easy-to-use, guided questions for referring professionals is available free of charge for all NCTI curricula. Learn more about Cog Talk.
  4. Improve communication with NCTI’s Real Colors® Personality Instrument, a unique and effective tool for understanding human behavior, uncovering motivators, and improving communication amongst differing personalities. Learn more about Real Colors.
  5. Strengthen Program Fidelity with implementation and technical assistance, webinars for continuing education of facilitators, supervising officers, and referring professionals… plus, pre- and post-tests, and facilitator monitoring tools. Learn more about the tools available to strengthen program fidelity.

Read how NCTI’s Complete Behavior Change System incorporates the National Institute of Corrections’ Eight Key Principles of Effective Interventions.